Portable Car Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

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High Power 12V Portable Car Wet and Dry Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner (Blue, White)
  • Very powerful suction, can suck coins easily. Work with dry & wet, can even suck water!
  • The product is equipped with flat-type nozzle, crevice and angle easily suck dirt.
  • This product is factory undergo strict quality testing, the product is rated for low voltage power supply, will not cause any damage to the car circuit, ease of use.
  • Winter and spring weather is dry, dusty, and if so they stay in the car, prone to bacteria and damage to human health! Prevent dust and water quality, it is a good choice with this section, strong power, very powerful, and with a duck mouth tube, you can breathe anywhere!
  • Can also absorb a lot of water, have drinks or other liquids spilled in the car do not worry! Section minimal noise, strong power. Into the 12V cigarette lighter power to use, convenient power leads 2 m love you clean every corner of the car. This vacuum cleaner is can absorb water, sprinkle water or drink in the car can be easily removed.