Maxxlite (j-5) White Headphones Ear

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A light weight Dual Bud Stereo Headset that sits neatly on your ears.

Provides convenient handsfree functionality, enabling you to listen to your phone's MP3 music.

This OEM Samsung 3.5mm Hands-free Stereo Headset is for you to use to carry hands-free calls via your cell phone or just enjoy listening to music on your phone.

It is suitable for most cell phones,

PDAs, portable games and music players with any standard 3.5 mm hands-free headset / headphone jack available.

Includes a call answer button and volume button on mic.

Smsung 3.5mm Handsfree Stereo Headset with remote Basic handsfree functionality with answer/end button.

On phones with MP3 capability , listen in stereo Send/End key on headset allows users to place, receive and end calls without touching the phone.

Simply press the button on the headset and start talking. Ideal for private hands-free operation.

The one-touch button answers and ends calls, as well as initiates

Voice Activated Dialing.

Compatible for use with other devices having a 3.5mm jack